Juan Esteban Reina, Head of ProdAfrica team (2018)

“Fabrics, shirts, pants, bags, purses, sarongs, etc. Through my visit at Texda I could see how in the small looms, manually, trained and experienced staff carry out an excellent job. The price of their products is neither expensive, nor cheap. It is the correct price at the correct value. It is not about promoting fair trade, but about adjusting trade. We will all win with it.”
Robert Alexandriysky, Volunteer Textile & Marketing  Expert engaged by IESC/DAI/EATRADEHUB on Uganda mission (2018)
“Texda is an oasis in Kampala where you could feel not only in good hands, but you will also get inspiration from the environment, both the nature and the people. The hand-weaving looms work tirelessly from early morning and their track reminds you about the dream of the weaver to buy a new washing machine, every time he sends the shuttle at the other end of the loom whispering “washing machine, washing machine…”. You can sit down with this guy and the manager and develop your own fabric, texture and colors. In the sewing department you will design your end product. The idea comes into a prototype in a short time at a reasonable cost that can be market tested and to result in creating long-lasting partnership between supplier and buyer.”

Our Company

Texda is a Ugandan company established in 1999. Since its inception, Texda has remained a boutique company focused on niche products, valued customers, and small-scale orders. Our company is small, but we believe that ‘small is big’ when it comes to the needs of a particular group of customers who value hand-made products, individuality and sustainably sourced materials. While small in size, our attention to detail has  helped us deliver satisfaction to many customers. Alongside our customers, we also care for our staff who have strengthened our brand, and lead to our sustainability over the years. One of our biggest and most proud achievements is making the costumes for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award winning film The Last King of Scotland (2007) filmed in Kampala.

Our products are marketed primarily to the international markets, namely EU and USA. Some of our clients and partners are Global Girlfriend (USA) and Weaverbirds (DK).


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