Bruce Nuwabiine

Bruce joined Texda as a Weaver in 2016 after completing a two year course in Weaving Technology.  Since he joined Texda, he has gained more experience and knowledge.  His skills improved hence his way of living. He can now take care of himself and he loves his job.

Gloria Namusaala

Gloria is a Weaver and she joined Texda after a six months’ training.  She has gained more experience in weaving in Texda.  She says that she met good people with a team spirit and that all in all she is honored to be at Texda.

Paul Kamoga

Paul joined Texda as a Weaver in March 2016 after completing a two years’ Course in Weaving. Since he joined Texda, he says his life has improved both financially and skillfully and that this is due to the good team work and management of Texda. He sees a good future with Texda.


Ena Mirembe

Ena is the Texda Weaving Studio Supervisor, she trained at the School of Textile Art in Uganda for three years. She joined Texda in 2017 as a Weaver and later became the Weaving Studio Supervisor. She also instructs the weaving trainees at Texda and this has increased her knowledge and exposure as an individual and to others as she shares with her fellow weavers. She enjoys working at Texda because she has seen herself and her fellow artisans grow steadily as a team.


Ruth Alupo

Ruth is a tailor in the Garment and Product Development Department.  She is good at making products from knit and hand-woven fabrics like bags, curtains, cushion covers and garments.  She is proud of being a tailor at Texda because she earns a living that enables her take care of her two sons.

Julius Omoding

Julius is our Production Cutter in the Garment and Product Development Department.  He joined Texda in 2016 and does the cutting for both knits and woven fabrics.  He likes doing his work in time with minimum pressure so as to give the tailors enough time for sewing.  Besides cutting, he enjoys team work by helping the tailors in his department with the trimming, ironing and quality control.   The quiet environment and good working conditions have made his work much easier.  Timely payments have made his life and for his family of a wife, son and daughter more simple.

Scovia Barbara Andiru

Scovia is Tailor in the Garment and Product Development Department.  She has a Certificate of two years’ training in a Vocational College.  She joined Texda in 2016 and she is responsible for producing the samples.  Since she joined Texda, she has greatly improved her skills, and learning more designs is her main focus.  She earns to help her family and she is a mother with one son.