Who we are

Pelere Group was founded in 2012 and officially incorporated in Uganda on 13th May 2013. Pelere is an emerging social enterprise company that aims at providing customer-centered organic cosmetics and personal care products from Shea nuts. All the sourcing of these shea nuts is done with the community in mind and with a goal of protecting the environment and providing a livelihood for the youth, women and families in the communities in Northern, Uganda.  Pelere directorship is made up of Ugandans with a desire to provide socio-economic development at home. Pelere provides services and products in the areas of cosmetics, detergents, Oils and shea nut shales.

Pelere is an integrated organic cosmetic manufacturer with the comprehensive capability to design and manufacture ready-made products with high quality for the Global Market, with an extremely competitive price.

Pelere has two plants having a total shea turnover of over 100 tones per season. The Gulu plant being where the raw material processed. The plant is in Gulu Industrial Park and is a gazetted center for processing Shea nut seeds. 


Pelere understands that every individual has challenges with maintaining the great looks of skins  and that all individuals have their own unique needs.

Our products are for the individuals that seek high performance organic cosmetic and personal care products with effectiveness, lower costs and greater achievement on the set tasks. We connect with our buyers to deliver Their customers a unique product that they can rely on.

Our products offer organizations and individuals seeking products of higher effectiveness on delivering that which they are designed for at a cost-effective purchase price.

We provide clients with world class organic cosmetic and personal care products sourced from the local shea nut trees collected by groups of farmers with a majority make up of women through consistent excellent services and products in a timely and cost-effective manner that professionally meet the clients’ needs and goals.



The government has structured it to have access to a good condition for shea fruit processing. This is due to the availability of skilled labour to train farmers on how to grow, tender, harvest and pre-process shea nuts. Shea trees grow in areas of West Nile, Acholi, Lango and Kidepo areas.  Gulu as a growing city is strategically located to have access to the shea farmers and as well have access to amenities such as electricity, power, water and a good road network. The location therefore gives ready access to raw material which are utilizing 3 storage facilities that are under completion


The final leg of the production process in the center of operations is in Wakiso, also acting as the Head office at Nakabugo Bbira Off Mityana Road 9 miles from Kampala. This is strategically a place for management and promotional materials with finalizing of production too.

  • Pelere Group Limited conducts social entrepreneurship through training, skilling and equipping of Shea nuts farmers who we later buy from our raw materials as well as production of final products that we finally sell to the final consumers. In addition, we also provide marketing and sales support to our partners and distributors.
  • We have fifty groups so far consisting of 35 to 80 members in total Three thousand farmers.
  • Northern Uganda (Gulu, Kitgum, Lamwo, Agago, Arua, Adjumani, Nebbi, Moyo, Koboko) has been affected by war most people are illiterate and the youth are unemployed consisting of 70% of the total farmers in our database.
  • During the season the collectors get up early to the forest or homesteads with the Shea tree and pick the fruit that has fallen on the ground.
  • We offer our farmers training and ready market for the Shea Kernel.
  • We plan to equip our farmers with safety kits, protective gears starting next year since most trees are located in the forests. Also starting next year, we will have medical camps and outreaches in different locations.