From the running hand-woven fabrics we make a large array of items such as tablecloths, napkins, placemats, bedcovers, kikoys/sarongs, throws, scarves, baby wraps, bags, purses, etc.

Hand-woven fabrics

A part of the production is made on traditional hand weaving looms at our production facility. We make a variety of beautiful fabrics from 100% cotton in various constructions such as plain weave, canvas, jacquard, and at various widths starting with narrow pieces at 50 to 160 cm wide. Different weaves end up at different fabric constructions. Some weaves are more textured while other others have a smooth finish - we aim to deliver satisfaction by tailoring our products based on customers’ needs. We also weave 100% silk hand woven fabrics. Texda uses locally sourced cotton and silk yarns for our fabrics that can be traced back to local farms in the countryside. Our use of local yarn helps sustain the livelihood of  many Ugandan cotton growers. Slight imperfections and small variations on the fabrics may exist as is common in natural fibres, and we strive to minimize variations while the production is done on the hand loom weaving machines. After fabrics are woven,  they are then processed further in our finished-product department.
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